Alexander Technique Principle

What is the Alexander Technique?

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What is the Alexander Technique?
Alexander Technique Principle Logo It is a unique life skill that teaches you how to remove fear and habits. You will learn to stop and to realise that you do have choices. You can then make a conscious decision about any action, physical or mental. It retrains harmful habits, such as holding the breath, griping a steering wheel, a computer mouse, or another person. With the help of a skilled teacher, trained full-time for three years in the art of gentle hands-on, it is possible to undo harmful tension patterns by using clear Alexander instructions to the neck, head and back.

Is it proven?
In 2008 the first Medical Research Council study made Alexander Technique mainstream, proving that it dramatically reduces back pain—after 24 lessons pain dropped from 21 days a month down to 3 days, compared with usual GP care.
More weight was added to the case for making Alexander available on the National Health Service with a Bristol University health economics paper, proving that Alexander is best value for money. See the article here

It has been taught for decades in all the UK’s top music and drama schools. Many performers rate the AT highly – Sir Ian McKellan, Judi Dench, Sting and Paul Mc Cartney, with his late wife Linda. Two Olympic Gold Medal rowers have studied the Alexander Technique.

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